Garden Protector 2 with Flash

Garden Protector 2 with Flash

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Garden Protector 2 with Flash - Repels Cats, Rabbits and other Pests

Chases cats, martens, rabbits, squirrels, martens, foxes, dogs, etc… As soon as the infrared detector notes a movement, the 7-second emission of the ultrasonic sounds begins. The targeted intruder is frightened by the very loud ultrasonic tones.  The flash (optional setting) adds to the surprise effect.

  • Protects up to 200 m².
  • Requires 4 “D” batteries or can function with the adaptor (see accessories).  Battery life depends on the number of activations and whether the flash option is activated.
  • 7 adjustable frequency settings.
  • Water resistant. Withstands rain, snow and low temperatures.
  • Infrared detection at a 90° angle and at a distance of 16 meters.
  • LED lights during ultrasound emission.
  • Easy to install using mounting accessories (included).

Garden Protector 2 with Flash - ​Instructions

The motion sensor of the Garden Protector 2 is automatically activated by movement and the unit will emit a specific range of sound signals – the frequencies depend on the settings selected.  Dogs, cats, martins, foxes, etc. are disturbed by the ultrasonic sounds and leave the area.  Independent laboratory tests have proven this technology to be an effective form of pest control.

Garden Protector 2 with Flash - Power Source

  • The Garden Protector 2 functions with 4 “D” alkaline batteries of good quality or with the optional Power Adapter (WKT052). 
  • If you decide to use batteries, remove the back cover by sliding the battery cover down. 
  • Place the 4 batteries as shown inside the unit. 
  • To replace the battery cover, place it according to the arrows on the unit and slide up to close completely. 
  • The life of the batteries depends on the number of activations.  Good quality batteries will allow about 5000 activations before replacement is required.
  • If you use the Power Adapter, simply plug it into the socket on the side of the unit.  No batteries should be in the unit when using the Power Adapter.

Garden Protector 2 with Flash - Frequency Setting

  • Select among the range of frequencies and animals to chase according to the settings shown on the back cover.
  • Move the dial on the front of the unit to the selected position.
  • The infrared detector automatically reacts to movement with an emission of ultrasonic sound for about 7 seconds, then returns to an inactive period for 5 seconds.
  • If movement continues, the cycle automatically restarts.
  • The unit is operational as soon as you have selected one of the 7 positions and either placed the batteries or attached the Power Adapter.
  • Older animals (like older people) may have a reduced hearing capacity. If you note that your targeted animal does not react to the Garden Protector 2, we suggest that you lower the frequency by setting the unit to a higher number position.
  • Please note : the higher the setting selected, the lower the range of frequencies.  The highest settings (6 + 7) may be somewhat audible to people with excellent hearing.  Do not place your ear directly against the Garden Protector and keep away from children.

Garden Protector 2 - LED Flash

The Garden Protector 2 is equipped with an LED Flash.  If turned “ON”, the flash will activate 5 times during the 7 second period of sound emission.  Note: When battery powered, using the Flash will naturally diminish the battery-life by about forty percent.

Garden Protector 2 with Flash - Placement

  • The unit should be placed 30 – 60 cm from the ground depending on the targeted animal.
  • Two supports are provided to make installation easier.
  • Be certain that there are no obstacles between the Garden Protector and the area to be protected to assure free access of both detection and emission.
  • If the area to be protected is very large or heavily vegetated, several units may be required.
  • The Garden Protector 2 solves the problem of stray and invading animals – dogs, cats, martins, foxes, rabbits, etc.  Avoid directing the unit at your neighbor’s property or a public path. This product is intended for use on the property of the owner.
  • The lowest frequencies (the highest settings) may be heard by some people. If disturbing, simply raise the frequency by turning the dial to a lower number setting.
Service and delivery
rating 10
Very happy with delivery of my order within 2 days. Hopefully it will do what I\'m hoping for, so far so good
It's fantastic!!
rating 10

I was fed up with cats (which were not mine) that were ruining my garden and doing their business. It was disgusting. More than 4 years buying herbs, devices, etc... with my 75 years every day throwing vinegar, herbs and everything. And the unbearable smell. Reading, I saw this Garden Protector-2 device and said to myself "what have I got to lose...", and I ordered it. It's a marvel!!! To go out in the morning and see the garden tidy and without bad smells. If there's anyone like me, don't hesitate, there's finally a device that scares away the cats!!!!!!

rating 10

It works as expected.

It works wonderfully to keep rabbits out of the crop
rating 10
This rabbit repeller has worked wonderfully since the first day we installed it. Not a single rabbit has entered our crop again, and finally this year we are going to have tomatoes. I am delighted with the product and with the recommendations of BirdGard Iberia. They are truly experts in repelling birds and animals. I recommend this product to anyone who has a small crop and needs to protect it from rabbits.
Very effective, it scared the pigeons away from the patio.
rating 10
We have used it for pigeons, on frequency 3 and as I said it scared them away. Since the patio is large and has vines and plants, later on we want some more units.
You are a great company
rating 10
I am delighted with the service and the fast delivery. The team that attended me was extremely sensitive to my concerns.
It completely solved my problem with the cats
rating 10
It completely solved the problem I had, which was driving me me crazy, because every night the cats were leaving lots of excrements in my lawn. From the first day the cats and their defecations disappeared.
Just what I wanted!
rating 10
I have not seen a cat in my garden again. Very fast delivery. I'm happy.
rating 10
Comprei-o com bastantes dúvidas, mas surpreendeu-me de uma forma bastante agradável. Instalei-o no final de janeiro, e quando confirmei a sua eficácia, fiquei bastante admirada. Não havia nem um único excremento de gato. Agora falta confirmar a duração das pilhas.
It is effective.
rating 10
Since it is installed, no more cats come near by.
rating 8
Since I installed it, I haven't seen a cat's poop in my garden again. It seems to work.
It works great for repelling cats
rating 10
We have configured it in frequency 3 to repel cats and it is working great! Cats don't come near my terrace anymore
rating 8
for days now cats no longer come to my garden to do their pitched battles and the birds that were watching are not there either ^_^
It seems to work
rating 8
I've only seen one fat cat in the garden lately. This one didn't seem to mind the ultrasounds, but the other cats don't seem to have reappeared in my garden.
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Garden Protector 2 with Flash


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