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Garden Protector 3

Price €64.35
Detects movement and emits ultrasounds to scare the animals

Fence Spikes for Cats

Price €20.58
Set of 12 adjustable panels. Keeps cats, dogs, martens, rabbits... at bay

Cat Repellers - How to scare cats away without hurting them

The gestation period of cats is very short, about 65 days. That is why in many villages and cities there are so many feral cats.

Cats are very clean animals and will often seek other places, far from where they live and feed, to relieve themselves. That is why sometimes we find the neighbour's cats, or stray cats, entering our house or garden to relieve themselves, damaging the lawn and plants.

Fortunately, there are cat repellents that allow you to repel cats without harming them, and without using chemicals that can be potentially dangerous.

How do cat repellers work?

Cat repellers detect the presence of the animal in our house or garden and emit an ultrasonic signal, which is inaudible to humans, but scares the cats away to immediately leave the area.

There are different models of ultrasonic cat repellers, depending on:

  • Their coverage area.
  • Whether they work with batteries, plugged to the electricity, or have a solar panel incorporated into the equipment.
  • Some models add to the emission of the ultrasonic signal, a flash.

The Best Products to Repel Cats

We offer you our selection of the best products to scare cats away.

Cat repellers that are easy to install, economic and effective to permanently drive away cats, discreetly and without harming them.

Cat deterrents with proven results in scaring cats away from gardens, terraces, patios, garages...

Protect your property: garden, plants, sandbox from cats with the best cat repellers. Without harming the animals, without chemicals or fences.

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