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At BirdGard Iberia, we are committed to the durability and effectiveness of your PROFLY insect catchers and bug zappers, which is why we offer all the necessary replacement parts to keep your equipment in optimal condition. Find a wide variety of adhesive plates, bulbs, and specific tubes for each model.

Insect catchers and bug zappers are essential tools for controlling flying insects in many environments, especially in the food sector. To ensure their effectiveness, proper maintenance and regular replacement of key components such as UV tubes and adhesive plates are crucial.

Replacement of UV Tubes for Bug Zappers and Insect Catchers

UV tubes are essential for attracting insects to the bug zapper or insect catcher.

When to Replace Them

  • Recommended Frequency: Change the UV tubes annually, even if they don't appear to be burnt out.
  • Signs of Need for Replacement: Reduced insect capture may indicate it's time to change the tubes.

How to Replace Them

  • Disconnect the device, remove the used tubes, and install the new ones, ensuring they are securely in place.

Replacement of Adhesive Plates for Insect Catchers

Adhesive plates are critical for trapping and retaining insects once they are attracted by the UV tubes.

When to Replace Them

  • Recommended Frequency: Every 2 months, or sooner if they are full or show a decrease in adhesion.
  • Visual Inspection: If the plate is mostly covered with insects, it's time to change it.

How to Replace Them

  • Remove the full plate and place a new one, ensuring it is correctly positioned in the device.

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