Bird Deterrents for Boats

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Bird Deterrents for Boats

Seagulls, cormorants, pelicans, and other seabirds frequently perch on boats, leaving behind unsightly droppings.

When seabirds roost on a boat, it's crucial to thoroughly clean the area, removing any nests, droppings, or signs of their presence. Given that birds and their droppings can carry diseases, always exercise caution during the cleaning process.

Our range of Bird Deterrents for Boats helps mitigate the issues caused by birds landing on your vessel.

We proudly present various types of Bird Deterrents for Boats:

  • Anti-Perching Solutions:
    • StopGull Air: A wind-powered spinning deterrent that consistently rotates, preventing birds from landing. It comes with multiple accessories for installation on any boat type.
    • StopGull Keeper: With a 50 cm diameter, and StopGull S27 (a compact version with a 5 cm diameter), these are designed to deter gulls and other seabirds from landing on key areas of your boat.
    • Other notable products include StopGull TopMast, StopGull Spreaders, and StopGull Bimini SailBoat.
  • Bird Gard Pro with sound chip #20: A sonic bird repeller tailored to repel seagulls, covering an expansive area of up to 6000 square meters.
  • StopGull Falcon: A hawk-shaped scarecrow designed to keep birds at bay.

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