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Repel Foxes, Wolves

Foxes and wolves can cause problems to humans and other animals for several reasons:

  • They can attack livestock or pets, causing economic and emotional losses.
  • They can transmit diseases to other species, including humans, such as rabies, distemper, mange or leptospirosis.
  • They can disrupt the ecological balance by competing or preying on other native species.

There are different ways to repel foxes, wolves and other night predators:

  • Remove or hide food sources. Foxes and wolves will find plenty to eat in your garden or farm, so if you are trying to deter them make sure that bird food is out of reach (and clear up any spillage), livestock such as chickens and rabbits are protected from foxes and wolves and bins are kept secure and tidy.
  • Use devices that scare them off, such as motion sensor lights, sprinklers, ultrasonic deterrents, or bioacustic devices.

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