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Industrial Glue Board Fly Traps: Superior Protection in Insect Control Where It's Needed Most

Industrial glue board fly traps are more robust machines compared to decorative fly traps. They are specifically designed for critical areas in the food industry, including production, packaging, and food storage areas, as well as in industrial, agricultural, or livestock environments. Their more open structure facilitates the entry of insects that will be trapped on the adhesive boards.

The material used in their manufacture also offers greater resistance and durability. These devices are made of high-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

They are generally installed in suspension, especially suitable for large industrial warehouses which are open spaces. However, there are also versatile multiposition models available.

  • ProFly Mural - Industrial Mosquito Lamp: Robust and efficient, this line is designed to withstand industrial environments, offering various models with different coverages.
  • ProFly - Industrial Mosquito Lamp: With an open design to maximize capture, this lamp is essential for production and storage areas.
  • ProFly Captor- Industrial Mosquito Lamp: Stands out for its double-sided adhesive board, capturing insects in extensive areas and facilitating monitoring.

For special industrial areas that present humidity or explosion risks, we have equipment with special IP65 and ATEX protection. For more information on these models, please do not hesitate to consult us directly.

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