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Solar Snake Repeller

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Transmits vibrations through the ground. Coverage area 450 - 600 m2

Scare Snakes - Tips to Keep Snakes and Lizards Away

If you find snakes,lizards or other reptiles in your home or garden, remember that they are there because they are looking for food and / or shelter. Therefore, you have to avoid creating an environment in which reptiles can shelter and / or feed.

Here are some tips to keep snakes, lizards, geckos or other reptiles away from your home or garden:

  • Mow frequently - A short lawn prevents snakes, lizards, and other reptiles from hiding in the yard. On a short lawn, snakes are much more exposed to predators, and that is why they avoid it.
  • Avoid over watering your lawn. Moisture attracts worms, earthworms, frogs, slugs, and other insects that feed on snakes and other reptiles.
  • Trim shrubs and trees. Pay special attention to the branches closest to the ground. It is important to leave a free space between the branches and the ground to avoid creating a perfect hiding place for snakes and other reptiles.
  • Do not leave stacked firewood too close to the house. Store firewood as far away from the house as possible. Stacked firewood is a perfect hiding place for reptiles.
  • Do not leave food for dogs, cats, birds or other animals outside the house. And if you do it, store it in airtight metal cans. Dog, cat food... attracts mice and rats that are prey to snakes.
  • Avoid using large stones as garden decoration. It is preferablte to use small stones where reptiles cannot hide.
  • When designing your garden, keep in mind that water points: ponds, fountains, etc… attract snakes, lizards, and other reptiles.
  • Seal cracks and holes in the facade, to prevent snakes and other reptiles from getting in there.
  • Use reptile repellents, to keep away snakes, lizards, geckos, and other reptiles.

There are two types of reptile repellents:

  • Reptile Repellents that generate a very unpleasant odor for reptiles. Snakes and Lizards will move away from the area. 
  • Reptile repellents that generate slight vibrations on the ground. They usually cover areas between 450 - 600 m2 and are only effective to keep snakes away, but not other reptiles such as lizards or geckos.

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