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Garden Protector 3

Price €64.35
Detects movement and emits ultrasounds to scare the animals

Fence Spikes for Cats

Price €20.58
Set of 12 adjustable panels. Keeps cats, dogs, martens, rabbits... at bay

Repel Dogs - Dog Repellers

It is said that dogs are man's best friends. However, we do not like either the neighbors' dogs or stray dogs, causing us problems such as...:

  • entering our property, our house, orchard or garden...
  • urinating on the facade of our building, or on the portal of the house...
  • stepping on and damaging the grass and plants...

Different types of Dog Repellers

There are different types of dog repellers:

  • Ultrasonic Dog Repellers
  • Ultrasonic and Flash Light Dog Repellers. (Recommended product, due to its greater effectiveness).

All these dog repellers have an infrared motion detector that works day and night, keeping dogs away 24 hours a day.

Typically, these dog repellers are also used to scare away other types of annoying animals and incorporate a frequency selector that allows you to configure the emission of specific ultrasounds against dogs, or against cats, or against other types of annoying animals.

These are effective and natural solutions that manage to repel dogs without causing them any harm.

Ultrasonic Dog Repellers

Ultrasonic dog repellers are effective products to scare away dogs without causing them any harm. These dog repellers detect the presence of the animal in the area we want to protect and, at that moment, emit ultrasounds specifically at the sound frequencies that dogs hear. This sudden and unexpected sound scares the dog away from the area.

Ultrasonic and Flash Light Dog Repellers

Some ultrasonic dog repellers combine the emission of ultrasound with the firing of a flash of light, which increases its effectiveness.

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