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How to Effectively Repel Starlings?

At BirdGard Iberia, we are experts in repelling starlings, birds that often fly in flocks and cause damage to crops, facilities, power lines, etc. Starlings are particularly sensitive to Bird Gard bioacustic repellers. These devices emit distress calls of the starlings themselves, as well as sounds of predators like hawks. The effect is immediate: upon hearing these sounds, the flocks take flight.

What makes our repellers special is their random and varied sound emission, preventing the birds from becoming accustomed and ensuring long-term effectiveness. We offer different models, from the Bird Gard Pro, covering 0.6 hectares, to the Bird Gard SuperPro Amp, which covers up to 12 hectares.

Furthermore, to enhance the effect, we recommend complementing the bioacustic repellers with the hawk scarecrow, realistically mimicking the flight of a predator. Thus, the birds not only hear their predators but also see them in the area.

If you have problems with flocks of starlings, trust BirdGard Iberia. We offer proven and effective solutions.

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