Bird Gard Pro Plus

Bird Gard Pro Plus

Birds to Repel:
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Bird Gard Pro Plus

Bird Gard Pro Plus broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress calls & predator cries that confuse, frighten, & disorient pest birds within the effective range.

  • Protects up 1.2 hectares (12.000m2).
  • The Bird Gard Pro Plus includes a generating unit with two built-in amplifiers and two external speakers (each with 30 meters of cable) for crystal-clear digital output.
  • Weather-resistant NEMA-rated enclosure that is suitable for any weather condition.
  • User-replaceable sound chip with 8 sounds. The sound chip is located on the faceplate, so it can be easily changed in the field for protection against a greater variety of birds.
  • When making your order, please select the type of birds that you need to repel.  We will send your Bird Gard configured with the righ sound chip from the above list "Birds to Repel".
  • Mounting bracket. The control unit mounts easily to a post or pole using the included mounting hardware and bracket.
  • Power adapter with 1,5 meters of cable.
  • Battery cables with clips.
  • Fully programmable, with adjustments for volume, specific sound combinations, daylight, night, or 24-hour operation.
    • Every six seconds a randomly selected sound is broadcast at a randomly selected frequency out of a randomly selected speaker.
    • It sounds like there are many different birds in distress spread throughout the protected area.
    • Also included are four different random features that vary the sound, the sound duration, length of time between sounds and the sound location so birds don't get accustomed to the sound pattern.
  • Sonic bird control is a safe, humane, & eco-friendly way to get rid of birds from outdoor areas.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • The Bird Gard Pro Plus system includes:
    • Generating unit with (2) built-in amplifiers.
    • (2) external speakers (each with 30 meters of cable).
    • Weather-resistant NEMA-rated enclosure.
    • User-replaceable sound chip with 8 sounds.
    • Mounting bracket.
    • Power adapter with 1,5 meters of cable.
    • Battery cables with clips (battery not included).
  • ​Optional Accessories:
    • 25-watt Solar panel to keep your battery continuously charged.
    • External speaker for greater flexibility in extending protection around obstacles, irregular crop configurations and in structures such as barns and marinas.
    • Additional Sound Card for greater protection against more birds. The sound chip is located on the faceplate so it can be easily changed in the field for protection against a greater variety of birds.
  • ​Operation:
    • The Bird Gard Pro Plus is preset on DAY, SHORT, RANDOM - all that is required is that the speakers and power are connected and the unit turned ON.
    • Once the Bird Gard Pro Plus is up and running, it can provide 24-hour protection.
    • A light sensor operates the unit during daylight or night time or both.
    • The battery must never be allowed to die.
    • A deep cycle battery in excess of 100 amps is recommended (battery not included).
  • Maintenance:
    • An occasional spray with electrical contact cleaner over the connection points and switches will ensure years of trouble free use.
  • Storage:
    • In the off-season the system should be stored in an insect proof container (e.g. a taped up box) to ensure that insects, ants or wasps don't build nests inside the control box or speakers as this may render the system inoperable.

Bird Gard Pro Plus - Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Control unit 23 x 23 x 14 cm.
    • Speakers 11 x 11 x 16 cm with 30m of cable per speaker.
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 30.5 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm.
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 kg.
  • Frequency: Range 2,000 - 10,000 Hz.
  • Power Input: 12VDC (1 AMP).
  • Power Adapter: 220VAC.
  • Sound Output: 105-110dB @ 1 meter
  • Output Pattern: Cone-shaped.
  • Output Coverage (Each Speaker): Approximately 77 x 77 meters.
  • UL/CUL/CE Listed: EPA Establishment Number 075130-OR-001.
  • Made in the USA.
Excellent Product
rating 10
The crow repeller works
rating 10
I found the crow repeller on the Internet, I did not know BirdGard Iberia. But, from my experience, I recommend this bird repeller to other farmers who have the same problem with crows and want to protect their corn from the birds.
Results have been very good
rating 10
The goal when installing the Bird Gard starling repellers was to minimize the number of incidents with flocks of birds on the electrical network and to improve the quality of supply. All in an eco-friendly manner. The results have been very good.
Good product
rating 10
Good product. Fits its purpose perfectly. We have been using it for a week and it's working very well.
I didn't think when I bought them that they would give such good results
rating 10
They work great to protect almond and cherry trees from woodpeckers and starlings. But, I have already explained my reference in detail and whoever is interested can read it at:
rating 10
The BirdGard Pro Plus gull repeller has been installed for less than a week; and so far it has really managed to scare away the seagulls in the area covered by the unit. We reserve the right to make additional commentes over time. To ensure its durability, we have installed the central unit inside a box, placing the external speakers on both sides of the box, so we can easily move the repeller around the port.
It works vey well
rating 10
So far, the time it has been working, it works great, I hope it continues like this. If it continues like this, it's a perfect product
Very good
rating 8
Very good. The only defect it has is the impossibility of reducing the sound volume. Minimal sound is not easily supported by the neighborhood. I would be very happy if you could solve this problem.
It is working very well for us on the farms
rating 10
The Birdgard Pro Plus sonic bird repeller that you sent us is working very well on our farms, combining it with the hawk scarecrow to offer maximum protection.
Received promptly and perfect
rating 10
We have already received the order, prompt and perfect. Thank you.
Effective against seagulls
rating 10
The five BirdGard Pro Plus Anti Gulls that we have installed, seem to have worked in the areas where they are active.
rating 8
The presence of pigeons has decreased, it works well, perhaps it doesn't completely cover the hectare, I must say that the volume control has been set not too high so as not to disturb the neighborhood.
Works well to protect against Seagulls!
rating 10
BirdGard Pro Plus against seagulls. Already installed. It works fine!
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