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Garden Protector 3

Price €64.35
Detects movement and emits ultrasounds to scare the animals

Rat Deterrent

Price €8.99
Just plug it in and switch it on for immediate effect.

Marten Repeller

Price €16.20
It runs on batteries. Easy installation. Very effective!

Spider Deterrent

Price €8.82
Ultrasonic Spider Protector - Effective and Safe

Superior Quality Ultrasonic Pest Deterrents 

At BirdGard Iberia, we are leaders in animal control solutions, and our ultrasonic pest deterrents are a testament to that. For over 15 years, we have offered devices that emit ultrasonic waves, inaudible to people, but highly effective in deterring animals such as cats, rats, mice, rabbits, and more. These devices operate at specific frequencies designed to disturb and disorient animals, causing them to leave the area.

Wondering if they really work? The answer is a resounding yes. Ultrasounds affect the animals' environment, their feeding habits, communication, and sense of orientation. However, not all animals react in the same way. While ultrasounds are highly effective at deterring cats, rabbits, squirrels, dogs, rats, mice, and other animals, they do not have the same effect on birds such as pigeons, sparrows, or seagulls. It is essential to choose the right device for the animal you want to deter.

Our repellers are not only robust and durable but also offer excellent value for money. And most importantly, they are environmentally friendly as they do not use chemicals or toxic substances. If you are looking for an effective and long-term solution to your problems with unwanted animals, our ultrasonic pest deterrents are the perfect choice. Discover why so many satisfied customers trust BirdGard Iberia to protect their spaces.

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