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Marten Repeller

Price €16.20
It runs on batteries. Easy installation. Very effective!

Garden Protector 3

Price €64.35
Detects movement and emits ultrasounds to scare the animals

Fence Spikes for Cats

Price €20.58
Set of 12 adjustable panels. Keeps cats, dogs, martens, rabbits... at bay

How to Repel Martens, Weasels, and Mustelids

The mustelid family encompasses several species: marten, beech marten, badger, weasel, European mink, polecat, and otter. These animals can cause problems in urban and rural areas. Martens and beech martens, for example, often seek shelter in warm places like car engine compartments or attics, where they can cause damage by biting cables and other components. Furthermore, in agricultural areas, some mustelids can affect poultry populations.

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