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Live Mouse Trap

Price €5.69
Effective. Reusable. Does not harm the animal

Rats Cage

Price €24.07
Captures rats and other rodents. High quality. Maximum durability

Rat Deterrent

Price €8.99
Just plug it in and switch it on for immediate effect.

Marten Repeller

Price €16.20
It runs on batteries. Easy installation. Very effective!

Rat Repellers and Cage Traps

Rodents (mice, rats and squirrels) have a very acute hearing system, very sensitive to ultrasonic waves. 

Sonic and ultrasonic devices are extremely effective in getting rid of mice, rats, and squirrels because they interfere in their hearing system. Pests are repelled away because they cannot adapt to the constantly changing array of ultrasonic & sonic signals emitted by the device. The unit disrupts the pests' habitat, affecting their feeding & communication habits, forcing them to leave the area. Independent laboratory & university testing has proven ultrasonic & sonic sound technologies to be effective forms of pest deterrents.

We also include in our catalog a selection of the best Cage Traps to capture rats and mice:

  • All BirdGard Iberia cage traps capture animals alive and without causing them harm. They do not use poisons or chemicals that are potentially dangerous to children and pets.
  • To attract the animal, food must be placed inside the cage-trap, as bait, which encourages the rodents to get inside.
  • All BirdGard Iberia cage traps use a mechanical system: the animal enters the cage to eat and, without noticing it, activates a mechanism that causes the door to close automatically, leaving the animal trapped.

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