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Decorative Glue Board Fly Traps: Elegance and Efficiency in Insect Catching

Decorative glue board fly traps are mainly used in homes and public spaces, such as restaurant dining rooms, bar counters, cafes, and food shops. The design focuses on hiding the adhesive board, where the catches are collected, as it is not pleasant to the sight of diners. They are just as effective as industrial fly traps, but cover a smaller surface area in m².

  • ProFly T-Top 20 - Decorative Mosquito Lamp: With an aesthetic design that perfectly integrates into any decoration, this lamp uses ultraviolet light and an adhesive board to attract and capture insects. Ideal for spaces up to 40 m².
  • ProFly Apliq - Decorative Mosquito Lamp: Combines functionality and style, offering models that cover areas of 40 and 80 m². Perfect for businesses where appearance is key.
  • ProFly Mural 40 White - Decorative Mosquito Lamp: Contemporary and discreet design with a coverage of 80 m², ideal for areas visible to the public.

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