ProFly Mural 40 White Fly Killer

ProFly Mural 40 White - Fly Killer

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ProFly Mural 40 White - Fly Killer - Deco Line - Eliminates Flies and Flying Insects

Achieve a fly and flying insect-free space with the InsectoCaptor ProFly Mural White. This modern, elegant, and discreet wall-mounted fly killer utilizes an advanced positive phototropism system and a ProGlu P26 adhesive plate, attracting insects to its ultraviolet light and effectively capturing them.

Ideal for food areas, restaurants, grocery stores, medical offices, receptions, hotel rooms, and private homes. A proven and effective method.

Main Features of ProFly Mural 40 White

  • Advanced insect attraction system: Two low-consumption bulbs emit ultraviolet light that attracts flying insects, which are then trapped on a ProGlu P26 adhesive plate. This effective and safe system discreetly eliminates insects without noise, odors, or toxic products.
  • Wall-Mounted Installation. For indoor use only.
  • Wide coverage: ProFly Mural 40 covers up to 80 m².
  • Efficient Consumption: The absence of a ferromagnetic ballast and starter in the 20W lamp results in approximately 30% energy savings compared to a tube of the same power.
  • Deco line: A modern and elegant design that perfectly integrates into any decor, from restaurants and food stores to homes and medical offices.
  • Safe. Complies with regulations:
    • Meets CE certification requirements for safety, health, and environmental respect.
    • Complies with the HACCP method: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points in Food Production Chains.
    • 2-year warranty.

ProFly Mural 40 White - Technical Specifications

  • Includes:
    • Two 20W E14 bulbs.
    • Adhesive plate P26.
  • Material: White Metal.
  • Dimensions: 48.6 x 28 x 6.5 cm.
  • Weight: 3.3 kg.
  • Replacements (always available):
    • Adhesive sheet: P26.
    • 20W bulb: E14.

ProFly Mural 40 White Fly Killer - Installation Instructions

  • Place your ProFly Mural 40 White in a strategic position, preferably in areas where there is greater activity of flying insects.
  • The ideal height for installation is 2 - 2.5 meters above the ground.
  • Ensure the ultraviolet light is clearly visible from different angles, especially in high insect traffic areas.
  • In larger areas, it may be necessary to install several ProFly Mural 40 White units to ensure complete coverage.
  • Regularly assess the device's effectiveness and change the ProGlu P26 adhesive plate as needed to maintain optimal insect control.

ProFly Mural 40 White is an innovative and highly effective solution for keeping flies and other flying insects at bay. Not only does it ensure a healthier and more comfortable environment, but it is also a discreet, quiet, and easy-to-use fly killer.

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