Laser Bird Deterrents

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Bird Lazzzer

Price €588.84
Indoors Automatic Laser Bird Repeller. Protects up to 500m²

Laser Bird Deterrents

Laser Bird Deterrents use green laser technology to scare birds away. Birds are very sensitive to the green light. Birds perceive the green laser as if there were a solid stick being thrown over them. So, the only way they have to get rid of it is to fly away as quickly as possible.

The main advantage of the Laser Bird Deterrents is that they offer a silent and efficient solution to scare birds away.

However, laser beams, being used in wide open areas, will work better and achieve maximum effectiveness during sunrise and sunset and in rainy or foggy weather conditions. 

There are two main groups of Laser Bird Deterrents:

  • Manual Laser Bird Deterrents, such as the Agrilaser Handheld.
  • Automatic Laser Bird Deterrents, such as the Bird Lazzzer (for indoor use only); or the Agrilaser Autonomic, that has been designed for external use.

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