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Bug Zappers (Electric Grid Insect Killers): Powerful and Reliable Solutions

Bug zappers, also known as electric grid insect killers, are recommended for eliminating insects in transit areas, such as entrances and exits of homes or businesses. They create an effective protective barrier to prevent the entry of a large number of insects.

However, we do not recommend their use in food preparation areas. During the electrocution of insects, tiny remains of wings or legs can be dispersed several meters away, contaminating those areas.

  • ProFly Captor Grid - Electric Fly Killer: Highly efficient in insect elimination, recommended for areas with high infestation. Ideal for industrial and agricultural environments.
  • FLYinBOX - Electric Fly Killer: Offers a powerful and safe solution for the effective control of flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects, being ideal for areas of high infestation.

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