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Anti Mosquito Lamp

Price €18.99
UV LED Technology. Attracts and kills flies, mosquitos and moths

Discover Our Exclusive Range of PROFLY Fly Killers for an Insect-Free Environment

At BirdGard Iberia, we pride ourselves on offering advanced and non-toxic solutions for controlling flying insects. Our exclusive range of PROFLY fly killers is designed to meet various needs and applications, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment both at home and in industries.

Here we help you choose the most suitable model for you.

First, understand the differences between Glue Board Fly Traps and Bug Zappers or Insect Killers

Glue Board Fly Traps

  • They use UV tubes to attract insects.
  • They eliminate insects that get trapped on the Glue Boards.
  • Suitable for businesses and public establishments.
  • Approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Coverage depends on the wattage of the UV bulb.
  • Two Ranges of Glue Board Fly Traps: Decorative - Ideal for restaurants and homes; Industrial - For critical areas of the food industry.

Insect Killers (Bug Zappers)

  • They work with UV tubes to attract insects.
  • They eliminate insects by electrocution.
  • Ideal for transit areas: entrances and exits to the outside. Not recommended for food preparation areas
  • When choosing, consider coverage according to wattage, access points, collection tray, and energy consumption.

Our products cover three ranges from Glue Board Fly Traps with Glue Boards in the Deco or Industry lines to Insect Killers, also called Bug Zappers with an electric grid.

1. Glue Board Fly Traps - Deco Line: Elegance and Efficiency

The decorative glue board fly traps are mostly used in homes and public spaces, such as restaurant dining rooms, bar counters, cafes, and food shops. The design focuses on hiding the Glue Board, where the catches are collected, as it is not pleasant for the diners' view. They are just as effective as the industrial glue board fly traps, but cover less surface area in m2.

2. Glue Board Fly Traps - Food and Industry Line: Superior Protection Where It's Needed Most

They are more robust machines designed for critical areas of the food industry in production, packaging, and food storage areas in industrial, agricultural, or livestock environments. Their structure is more open, to facilitate the entry of the insect that will be trapped. The manufacturing material also requires more resistance and durability, so they are made of high-quality stainless steel to avoid corrosion. They are usually installed in suspension, as industrial warehouses are large open spaces, but there are also versatile multi-position models. For special industrial areas with humidity or explosion risk, there are teams with special IP65 and ATEX protection.

3. Insect Killers (Bug Zappers with Electric Grid): Powerful and Reliable Solutions

The electric grid insect killers are recommended for transit areas: entrances and exits to the outside, to create a protective barrier and prevent many insects from entering the business. We do not recommend their use in food preparation areas, as during the electrocution of the fly, remnants of wings or legs can be dispersed for several meters, contaminating the surroundings.

Spare Parts and Maintenance for PROFLY Fly Killers

Furthermore, at BirdGard Iberia, we are committed to the durability and effectiveness of your PROFLY products, which is why we offer all the necessary spare parts to keep your equipment in optimal condition. Find a wide variety of adhesive plates or sheets, bulbs, and tubes specific to each model.

Why Choose PROFLY?

Our PROFLY products are not only effective but also safe and eco-friendly. They use ultraviolet light to attract insects, eliminating them without the use of harmful chemicals. They are perfect for the food industry, complying with safety and health regulations, including the HACCP method from the Ministry of Health. In addition, LED technology in our products ensures low energy consumption, while digital counting options and shatterproof tubes offer greater functionality and regulatory compliance.

Find the Perfect Solution for Your Space

Whether you're looking for a discreet solution for your business or robust protection for an industrial setting, our PROFLY range has something to offer you. In our store, you can explore these innovative products and make your purchase today. Protect your space with PROFLY and enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment!

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