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Bird Gard is the global leader in sonic bird repellers. Crafted in the USA, our devices are not only robust but also dependable, meticulously designed to deter birds using advanced sonic technology.

Our sonic bird repellers employ specialized sound cards, each tailored to target specific bird species. With over 25 years of expertise behind them, these cards ensure unparalleled effectiveness against birds like pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, and crows.

Features of the sound cards include:

  • Calls of predatory birds such as eagles and hawks, the natural adversaries of many smaller birds.
  • Distress signals from the specific birds you aim to repel.
  • Electronic harassment noises to boost repelling efficiency.

Perfect for open spaces, Bird Gard's bioacustic bird repellers provide:

  • Extensive coverage, suitable for areas ranging from quaint gardens to vast expanses up to 12 hectares.
  • Durability against harsh weather conditions, thanks to their outdoor-centric design.
  • Randomized sound emissions to prevent birds from becoming accustomed.
  • Targeted specificity based on bird species, ensuring optimal results.
  • Flexible settings to cater to individual user requirements.

What Makes Sonic Bird Repellers So Effective?

Particularly those in flocks, birds are perpetually vigilant against potential dangers. A distress or alarm call from one bird resonates rapidly, putting the entire flock on alert. By mimicking these threats, Bird Gard's bioacustic repellers encourage birds to steer clear of the safeguarded vicinity.

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