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Rats Cage

Price €24.07
Captures rats and other rodents. High quality. Maximum durability

Live Mouse Trap

Price €5.69
Effective. Reusable. Does not harm the animal

Garden Protector 3

Price €64.35
Detects movement and emits ultrasounds to scare the animals

Rat Deterrent

Price €8.99
Just plug it in and switch it on for immediate effect.

Marten Repeller

Price €16.20
It runs on batteries. Easy installation. Very effective!

Anti Mosquito Lamp

Price €18.99
UV LED Technology. Attracts and kills flies, mosquitos and moths
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Wasp Repellent

Wasp Repellent

Regular price €12.73 -3.85% Price €12.24
Simulates an enemy nest and keeps wasps away

Insect Catcher

Price €19.20
Catch live insects and spiders to release them into nature

Spider Deterrent

Price €8.82
Ultrasonic Spider Protector - Effective and Safe

Bat Box

Price €28.00
By attracting bats, you will reduce the number of insects

Fence Spikes for Cats

Price €20.58
Set of 12 adjustable panels. Keeps cats, dogs, martens, rabbits... at bay

How to Select the Most Suitable Animal Repeller?

At BirdGard, we specialize in animal repellers. Our extensive range of devices offers effective and eco-friendly solutions to protect your crops and properties from unwanted animals.
If you're looking for a durable and efficient animal repeller, you've come to the right place. Browse our variety and find the perfect solution for your needs:
  • Ultrasonic: Emit sounds that are virtually inaudible to humans. Mainly used to repel cats, rabbits, dogs, and others.
  • Traps: Such as cages designed to capture cats, rabbits, and even wasps.
  • Fly killers: Includes rackets, mosquito lamps, and insect catchers that attract flying insects with light and capture them with adhesive plates or by electrocution.
  • Repellents: Available in visual, granular, or liquid presentations. Ideal for wasps, snakes, dogs, cats, and more.
  • Vibrations: Produce slight movements in the ground, useful for repelling snakes, moles, and voles.
  • Audible sounds: Emit sounds that people can hear. Essential for scaring away wild boars, deer, roe deer, and rabbits over large areas of land.
  • Light flashes: Generate flashes that scare animals like foxes, wolves, rabbits, and cats.
  • Water: Detect the animal and shoot a jet of water to scare it away.
  • Physical barriers: Such as spikes to deter cats, tree protectors, and pond guards, among others.

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