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FoxLights - Repel Foxes, Wolves and nocturnal predators

Protect your livestock from wolves, foxes, and nocturnal predators with Foxlights. This deterrent uses an innovative flashing light system that simulates people patrolling the area with flashlights. Wolves, foxes, coyotes... being animals fearful of humans, avoid approaching where they understand that people are watching. Patented technology.

Foxlights - Main Features

  • Computerized Flashing light system: A computer chip on a power board with 9 LED bulbs creates a varying flash of three colors: blue, white and red, with different time sequences. This will deter animals that are smart enough to know that a standard flashing light is just that. The random nature of the flashing means predators are unlikely to get used to it. 
  • Automatic On/Off: Built-in light sensor activates Foxlights at dusk and deactivates at dawn, ensuring protection during peak predator activity hours without manual intervention.
  • Two Power Options: Choose between battery-operated and solar-powered models to suit your needs and location. The solar-powered Foxlights offers a sustainable, low-maintenance solution for continuous protection, while the battery-operated version is more portable and flexible.
    • Battery Operated Foxlights is designed for locations where sunlight may be insufficient to charge a solar-powered version or where temporary installations are required. This unit run on a battery (one 6-volt lantern-style battery -not supplied.) which need to be replaced periodically (can last up to 6 months). The battery-operated Foxlights is ideal for situations where portability is important, or where the device may need to be moved regularly. 
    • Solar Powered Foxlights has a built-in solar panel that charges 2AA rechargeable batteries during daylight hours. The life of these batteries should be approximately three years. A USB port allows charging from mains, if required. This feature eliminates the need for manually replacing batteries and makes it a more environmentally friendly option. It is ideal for permanent or long-term installations in areas with sufficient sunlight to keep the internal battery charged.
  • Wide Coverage: The light is projected at 360 degrees and can be seen for a distance over 1 km. Depending on the terrain and vegetation, a single Foxlights can cover a large area, but multiple units may be required to ensure full coverage from all sides. The number of lights required is determined by the area in which stock might be sleeping along with the undulation and vegetation of the area. More than one light may be required to be sure to have coverage from all sides. If the predator can not see the light from a distance, then it won’t be as effective.
  • Easy Installation: Foxlights can be mounted on a pole or fence post, requiring no complicated setup or special tools. Portable and lightweight, it is perfect for both permanent and temporary installations.
  • Versatile Use: Foxlights is suitable for protecting livestock, gardens, crops, vineyards, campsites, and rural properties from unwanted nocturnal intruders.
  • Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, Foxlights is a durable and reliable solution for predator deterrence in various environments. Made using the highest grade materials.

Foxlights have been found to be effective on a variety of nocturnal predators

Some of the species Foxlights works well against include:

  • Foxes: As the name suggests, Foxlights were initially designed to deter foxes from attacking livestock, particularly in Australia where fox predation on lambs is a significant issue.
  • Wolves and coyotes: Foxlights can also help deter larger canids, like wolves and coyotes, from approaching livestock.
  • Bears: The flashing lights can make bears wary of approaching human-occupied areas or livestock enclosures, discouraging them from entering.
  • Large cats: Foxlights has been reported to be effective against large cats, such as cougars, mountain lions, and leopards, by creating the illusion of human presence in the area.
  • Boars: Foxlights may have some effect on deterring boars, but their effectiveness may not be as pronounced as with other nocturnal predators like foxes, wolves, or large cats. Boars are typically less intimidated by flashing lights and may not perceive the lights as a direct threat. However, some users have reported positive results when using Foxlights to deter boars from entering specific areas, like gardens or crop fields. The effectiveness of Foxlights against boars may depend on factors such as the local boar population, their previous exposure to humans, and the specific environment in which the lights are deployed. It is worth considering Foxlights as a part of a broader integrated approach to managing boar-related issues. Combining Foxlights with other deterrents, such as fencing, repellents, or bioacustic BirdGard devices, may be more effective at keeping boars away from vulnerable areas.

Foxlights - Installation Guidelines

  • Mount Foxlights at an elevated position, such as fence posts or trees, to increase visibility.
  • Make sure the flashing lights can be seen from different angles and directions, especially from the areas where predators are likely to approach.
  • In areas with dense vegetation or undulating terrain, you may need to use multiple Foxlights to ensure that the lights are visible from all possible approaches.
  • Regularly assess the effectiveness of the device and reposition it as needed to maintain optimal coverage and deterrence.

Foxlights is an innovative and highly effective way to protect lambs, poultry and other valuable animals from foxes, wolves, coyotes, big cats and other night predators. 

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