Wild Boar Deer Repellent

Wild Boar Deer Repellent

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Wild Boar Deer Repellent 

The Wild Boar Deer Repellent is designed to protect outdoor areas like plots of land, meadows, and the spots next to tree-trunks from wild animals like wild boars, deer, roe deer and ungulates in general.

  • Natural product.
    • Formula made of natural substances placed into granules of dry raw clay, which makes the taste and odour of the soil disagreeable for wild animals.
    • The Wild Boar Deer Repellent is free of toxic substances and it is harmless for people and other animals.
    • Once the effect of the product wears out, the granules simply melt with the soil without damaging it.
  • The effectiveness of this Wild Boar Deer Repellent is not immediate but progressive, that’s why it is important to treat the area frequently to make sure that the animals associate the treated area with an unpleasant place for them.
  • Coverage Area:
    • The granules must be spread on the soil, creating a barrier at the distance of about 20/25 cm from the spot that needs to be protected.
    • The 4000 ml bucket is therefore enough to cover a 500 linear Mt perimeter.
    • For smaller areas the suggested dosage is about 40/50 ml per Sq. Mt.

Wild Boar Deer Repellent - Tips of Use

The granules must be spread on the soil, creating a barrier at the distance of about 20/25 cm from the spot that needs to be protected. The treatment needs to be repeated:

  • Every 10/15 days in the cold/wet season.
  • Every 20/25 days during the dry season.
  • In case of continuous or heavy rain repeat the treatment.

​You can also use this wild boar deer repellent as a complement, to reinforce the action of the Sonic Boar and Deep Repeller - BirdGard Super Pro PA4.

Fairly effective
rating 10
In fact, it seems to have worked. I've been using it for over a week and so far the boars have not entered the garden. I think the effect diminishes with the rain.
rating 4
I have been using it for two weeks as a wild boar repellent. The result obtained so far has been totally ineffective. I treated the surface according to the instructions, with no result. I repeated the treatment on the same area affected by the animals on consecutive days, and the area was once again removed by the wild boars. In my personal opinion, it has no or, at best, very low effectiveness. I am unaware of its effectiveness for deer or goats, but for wild boars it does not work.
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Wild Boar Deer Repellent


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