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Sonic Pest Repellers for Animals

Discover our Sonic Pest Repellers, an effective solution to keep unwanted animals at bay.

Sonic Pest Repellers are designed to deter certain animals by emitting audible sounds. These sounds, clearly perceptible to humans, are annoying or disturbing to animals, driving them away from the noise source. The effectiveness of these devices lies in their ability to emit sounds that mimic the natural predators of these animals or create a sense of discomfort or danger, causing the animals to avoid the area.

Within this category, Birdgard Iberia offers you two outstanding products:

  • Super Pro PA4: This is a more powerful device specifically designed to deter larger animals such as wild boars, deer, rabbits, and squirrels. Its power and sound range make it ideal for larger areas or where these animals are of particular concern.
  • WK0600: This device is designed to repel rats, mice, and squirrels indoors. Its sound range and frequency are optimized for these smaller animals, ensuring they stay away from protected areas.

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