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How to Effectively Scare Away Crows and Other Corvids?

Crows are extremely intelligent birds. They have a special fondness for corn, and their penchant is such that they do not hesitate to unearth and devour freshly planted seeds, causing significant damage to crops. In addition, crows have been observed pecking at the silicone in windows and irrigation tubing in wineries and country houses, highlighting the variety of problems they can cause.

At BirdGard Iberia, we understand the complexity of scaring away crows and other corvids like rooks and jackdaws. That's why we recommend the use of bioacoustic deterrents specific to corvids. A general deterrent is not enough; to ensure long-term results and prevent these birds from becoming accustomed to the sounds, a specific approach against crows is essential.

Moreover, to improve effectiveness, we recommend complementing the sound deterrents with the hawk scarecrow, which realistically simulates the flight of a predator. Thus, corvids not only hear their predators but also see them in the area.

Based on our experience and documented cases, as described in our blog, we offer proven and effective solutions. If you're looking for crow scarers that truly work, trust BirdGard Iberia. Our devices are designed to be environmentally friendly and bird-friendly, ensuring harmonious coexistence.

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