Trap Cage for Magpies, Pigeons, Crows - Octagonal

Trap Cage for Magpies, Pigeons, Crows - Octagonal

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The Octagonal Trap Cage is a highly effective solution for the capture of magpies, pigeons, crows, and other similar birds.

This trap stands out for its intelligent capture mechanism, which is based on the use of a live bait, placed in the central compartment of the cage. This bait bird acts as a powerful lure, attracting its counterparts to the four side compartments equipped with guillotine doors. These doors allow the entry of birds but prevent their exit, ensuring an efficient and stress-free capture for the animals. If the initial bait is not effective, it is recommended to replace it with another to maximize the results.

The cage has five compartments and four entries, including a central compartment specifically designed to house the bait bird. The door closure system, based on a tilting mechanism, is practical and highly effective, facilitating the operation of the trap and ensuring the safety of the captured birds.

Made with green plastified wire, this trap cage is not only sturdy and durable but also discreet and harmonious with the natural environment.

Its octagonal design is strategic, allowing birds to circulate around the trap and find the entrances more easily, guiding them naturally into the interior.

With a diameter of 1 meter and a height of 30 cm, this trap is lightweight and easy to transport, which allows its placement in various environments with ease. Moreover, its construction in welded mesh of 1.8 mm and its thermolacquered finish guarantee a long lifespan and resistance to weather conditions.

By purchasing this trap cage, the customer commits to using it responsibly and in accordance with current legislation. We recommend checking the trap frequently to ensure the well-being of the captured birds, preventing them from being trapped for extended periods, which could cause them stress or hunger.

Our Octagonal Trap Cage represents the ideal solution for controlling the population of certain birds in a humane and effective manner, with a commitment to respect and protect wildlife.

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