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AviFin Gel - Bird Repellent Gel

AviFin Gel - Bird Repellent Gel

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Avifin - Bird Repellent Gel

Avifin - Bird Repellent Gel is used to prevent pigeons and other birds from perching; and swallows from nesting in unwanted areas.

Avifin - Bird Gel is a sticky repellent applied to areas such as ledges, signs, pipes, walls...where birds are landing. Birds will not like the sticky sensation on their feet. The message is quickly passed along to the rest of the flock and they all take flight to a more comfortable spot.

  • Avifin - Bird Repellent Gel is composed os food grad synthetic oil and geraniol 0,5%.
  • It’s nontoxic and doesn’t harm the birds.
  • Creates a brown sticky surface that birds don't like.
  • Easy to apply. It requires a caulking gun for application.
  • Economical and effective. Avifin - Bird Gel comes in a standard 310 ml caulking tube.
  • It covers about 8 to 10 meters o linear surface.
  • Avifin - Bird Repellent Gel lasts up to 2 years outdoors, and up to 4 years indoors.

Avifin - Bird Repellent Gel - Instructions for Application

  • Before applying, the surface should be cleaned and dry.
  • Use a silicone gun / caulking gun to apply the Avifin - Bird Gel in a linear or “zigzag” pattern, so that when birds try to land on the protected surface, they'll touch the gel.
  • For swallows, run a line of gel along the center of their nesting area.

​Avifin - Bird Gel - Additional Information

  • Avifin contains pepper oil, genariol.
  • May produce an allergic reaction.
  • For further info you may request safety datasheet.
Good product
rating 7
The quantity it contains is small in relation to the price paid.
rating 10

The application is immediate. And it's very easy to apply

It has been a total success. Even better than expected.
rating 10
The Cabildo de Gran Canaria commissioned us (Arqueocanaria) a project to control a colony of pigeons at the Cenobio del Valerón, and thus prevent the accumulation of droppings, feathers and decomposing pigeon carcasses in this tourtistic place. We searched the Internet for leading companies in pigeon control solutions, and decided to contact BirdGard Iberia. After a telephone conversation to explain our case, we were recommended to combine different solutions to scare pigeons away from the site: BroadBand Pro + Hawk Scarecrow + AviFin Gel. The solutions we implemented worked perfectly and, despite the fact that there was no human presence at the site for months, the repellers did their job and the pigeons have not returned to the area. In short, the solution that BirdGard Iberia advised us to prevent pigeons from nesting in the site has worked wonderfully. We are very satisfied. We have managed to prevent the corrosion of the deposit stone and ensure that there are no health risks for the public that visits us. Without hesitation, I recommend BirdGard Iberia solutions for pigeon control to all restoration companies that, like us, must manage historical heritage and protect it from the harmful effect of pigeons. We have also recommended it to the Cabildo de Canarias.
Easy to use and effective
rating 10
The application is immediate. And it is very simple to place the product where it is needed. Excellent results to keep birds away. The only thing to check is its duration over time.
rating 10
I applied the gel to all support surfaces of the terrace (sills, railings, etc.) about six weeks ago. At the same time, I installed the Prowler Owl. Since then, there has been no trace of pigeon droppings. What a relief!
5 out of 5
rating 10
Easy to apply and effective
Highly recommended
rating 10
Easy application, effective from the first moment. Very good product. Thank you
rating 10
Thank you very much for the previous evaluation of the past 03/02/2018. We simply want to confirm that the Avifin Gel does include the cannula for its application. It must have been a logistics error that you didn't receive it.
Need to wait a bit longer to check results
rating 8
I just installed it. I hope it works and birds don't perch. The truth is that I am very happy with the ultrasound, but I hope that this products will also help me. A very big mistake that it does not come with a cannula.
Successfully received
rating 10
Thank you very much. To date, the order has been successfully received. Thanks for the professionalism.
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