Bird Repeller for TV Aerials

Bird Repeller for TV Aerials

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Bird Repeller for TV Aerials

The Bird Repeller for TV Aerials "Eolo" is a spinning visual bird deterrent used to prevent birds from landing on TV aerials. It avoids unsightly messes and stains caused by bird feces.

Birds often use antennas and TV aerials to perch, leaving their droppings on roofs, terraces, solar pannels, courtyards, clothes lines, etc. The Bird Repeller for TV Aerials "Eolo" avoids these problems, and the occasional signal losses / interferences caused by birds sitting on TV aerials.

  • The Bird Repeller for TV Aerials "Eolo" uses wind power. No electricity needed!
  • Spins continuously, to prevent birds from landing on TV aerials.
  • Features reflective holografic stickers to scare birds away from the protected area.
  • The spinning motion and reflective holgrafic stickers work together to keep birds away.
  • Easy to install. The kit comes with everything needed to get it installed.
    • The Eolo Bird Repeller for TV Aerials comes equipped with a one-meter-long AISI 316 stainless steel rod, which incorporates a plate to fix the device with the screws also supplied.
    • Two Inox AISI 316 flanges are also provided to fix the rod supplied to the main mast of the TV antenna.
    • The Bird Repeller for TV Aerials, must be installed 10 cm above the highest element of the TV antenna.
  • The Eolo Bird Repeller for TV Aerials covers areas up to 1,85m in diameter.
  • Effective for large pest birds including: gulls, cormorants,  pigeons, crows, raptors...
  • Manufactured in Spain.

Bird Repeller for TV Aerials - Technical Specs 

  • Materials:
    • Rotor body: Polyamide 6-6 -glass fibers -UV-8.
    • Rudders: Polyamide 6 -6 -UV-8.
    • Bars: Tube pultridode polyester fiberglass reinforced resin, resin vinistestery final treated bicomponent.
    • Caps: Anodized aluminum.
    • Body rotor mechanism: AISI 316 stainless steel, bronze.
    • Rudders mechanism: Stainless steel AISI 316.
    • Mast: Stainless steel AISI 304.
    • Flanges: Galvanized steel.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 16cm.
    • Length: 185cm.
    • Mast: 1 meter.
  • Temperature resistance: -50º up to 150º.
  • Supports speeds of over 100 km/h
rating 10
Living in the countryside, the presence of birds on the antenna had become a truly unbearable situation. From the first day after installing the Eolo Antenna, the birds no longer dirty my terrace. I am truly satisfied. It is really a great product.
rating 10
The gable of the house is right under the antenna. I have to climb onto the roof from time to time to clean up bird droppings and clean the glass, they dirty everything. I am delighted with the purchase, since I put it up, the birds do not perch on the antenna or on the nearby chimneys. A good product. I would have liked it to come with a small wrench to tighten the connection screws. The base where it is screwed had very sharp edges, I think they should check that as I cut myself a little while screwing it in. Otherwise, it's a 10!
It works perfectly
rating 10
The antenna has been free of birds since the first moment of installation. Thank you
It works great
rating 10
Good morning, I just wanted to tell you that since I put your Bird Repeller for TV Aerials, it works great,... there is no longer any bird on top of the antenna, it was always full of excrement on the antenna and around... I am very happy... good idea Sincerely, Carlos
Effective from the first moment
rating 10
It's wonderful, although at first I had doubts, but since its installation it convinced me. I have a small patio and it was the object of all kinds of daily excrement and now it has reduced it by 90% since it scares away pigeons, thrushes... everything I tried to perch on the antenna and pass through there.
Very effective and built with quality materials
rating 10
Finally I have managed to have the terrace clean of excrement, in the area where the antenna is placed. I had tried other systems without obtaining good results. In addition, I have noticed that it deters pigeons and others from landing in a fairly wide area. I do not rule out buying others like this, to protect more space. A complete success.
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