AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent

AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent

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AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent

AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent acts producing a mint smell which results very unpleasant for pigeons. This results in pigeons moving away from the area. Humans however simply perceive the AviFin Liquid as a menthol smell.

AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent is recommended to repel pigeons from critical points such as: window sills, ledges, terrace floors, balconies, railings, blinds, air-conditioning units, monuments... and other critical points where we want to get rid of pigeons.

Apply AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent by spraying the surface. Repeat the spraying again every 2 or 3 days until the pigeons leave the area. Subsequently, you can further space the applications.

  • AviFin Liquido is a pigeon repellent based on natural extracts and essences.
  • It does not damage the surface where it is applied. Its composition is not corrosive.
  • It can be applied on wood, brick, concrete, painted surfaces, veneer, glass, ceramics...
  • Convenient to use. Easy to apply. 750 cc spray.
  • One single bottle reaches to cover an area of ​​up to 25 m2.
  • Recommended to prevent pigeons from sitting on critical points, or small surfaces with low pigeon pressure. That is, places where pigeons perch, but not places where pigeons have already nested
  • AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent is an alternative to AviFin Bird Repellent Gel, only recommended for those places where the application of the AviFin Bird Repellent Gel is not feasible. The AviFin Bird Repellent Gel has greater efficacy and duration in repelling pigeons.
  • AviFin Liquido is a specific product to scare away pigeons.
    • If you need to scare away other types of birds, please consider using the AviFin Bird Repellent Gel.
    • To scare away birds from larger areas, consider using Bird Gard Sonic Bird Repellers.

The deterrent effect duration of the AviFin Liquid depends on the area in which it is applied, and om the weather conditions. In the rainy months its has a lesser duration than in the months when it does not rain.

To increase its effectiveness and durability, you can combine the Pigeon Repellent AviFin Liquid with visual bird scarers such as: Holographic Tapes,  Fake Owl Decoys, or Hawk ScareCrows.

AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent - Instructions for Use

  • Before using AviFin Liquido, please read the product label carefully.
  • Before applying AviFin Liquido, clean the surface with water and dishwashing detergent or disinfectant and wait until the surface is completely dry.
  • It is recommended to apply AviFin Liquido when it does not rain, and it is not windy.
  • Do not apply AviFin Liquido in closed areas as it generates a strong smell. AviFin Liquido is recommended for open and well ventilated areas.
  • Avoid contact with skin. Wear gloves / glasses / protective mask to prevent the smell from getting impregnated. If you touch it, just wash thoroughly to remove the smell.
  • You can apply this Pigeon Repellent in areas with plants. Apply it to the edges of the planters. Be careful not to apply it directly to grass, green leaves, or woody parts of the plants.
  • For further info you may request safety datasheet.
  • Apply AviFin Liquido by spraying the surface.
  • Repeat the spray every 2 or 3 days.
    • Insist on applying the product until the pigeons do not sit on the surface.
    • Keep in mind that pigeons are very stubborn birds and will want to return to the area they were used to. Therefore, it is important to insist on applying the product.
  • Subsequently, you can further space the applications.
Easy to apply. Does not stain
rating 8
The spray is very easy to apply and does not stain. It has some effectiveness. It needs to be applied every day. The smell is very intense and lingers in the air for a long time.
rating 10


Pigeon repellent spray
rating 10

It's still early, but the repellent seems to keep the pigeons away from the balcony's ledge.

AviFin Liquido - Pigeon Repellent
rating 10
Very Good
I've only sprayed it twice
rating 10

I think it might work, but I need more time to check...

Pigeon repellent
rating 10
I've been using it for a week, so far it's doing its job well, no pigeons have appeared in the area where I applied the product (balcony). So far, I'm satisfied with Avifin.
Good product
rating 5
Moreover, with this new spray nozzle, its application is more efficient and comfortable.
avifin evaluation - dont work, waist of money
rating 1

don\'t work, on the same day we had pigeons on the balcony, waist of money

The smell is intense but not unpleasant
rating 8

It seems to have some effectiveness. The number of pigeon droppings has decreased and I've only put it up for one day.

Great produt
rating 10
Works very well.
Out of everything I have tried to combat pigeons, the AviFin Liquido anti pigeons has been the most effective. So, I recommend it!
rating 10
I started using the anti-pigeon repellent AviFin Liquido in November 2020. I have been using it continuously for more than a year. So I can confirm that it works. I spray the window sills, where the pigeons perch, every 10 to 15 days or so. When you spray the liquid, it smells like mint. So it is very easy to notice when you have to reapply it, because it stops smelling. Water eliminates its effect. So if it rains, I reapply it In my case, I have many windows where pigeons perch, a bottle of AviFin Liquido lasts more than a month. If you are constant in its application, the AviFin Liquido works very well. After my good experience, I gave a bottle of AviFin repellent to my sister, who also had problems with pigeons that perch on the balcony and it has also worked wonderfully for her. Of everything that I have tried to combat pigeons: owls, discs, tapes, spikes... the AviFin Liquido has been the most effective. So, I recommend it, when used consistently, of course.
Totally useless
rating 2
Pigeons have kept coming and we have had to put up a physical barrier
rating 10
Not a single one comes close. It is true that you have to repeat applications from time to time.
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