Holographic Bird Tape

Holographic Bird Tape

Size Bird Tape:
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Holographic Bird Tape

Holographic Bird Tape made with a multi-colour coated polymer film.

  • The Holographic Bird Tape keeps birds away.
    • It flashes in the sun, reflecting light with constantly changing colours and patterns.
    • Also, the slightest breeze causes it to crackle as it moves creating metallic sounds.
    • Birds perceive this as a danger.
  • Available in the following dimensions:
    • Roll of 45 meters in length.
    • Roll of 15 meters in length.
    • In any of these options, the tape is 5 cm wide.
  • The Holographic Bird Tape is widely used in gardens, yards, orchards, crops, fruit trees, terraces, balconies, boats... or any area with access to light and wind.
  • The Holographic Bird Tape can be used on its own, or - if the bird problem is severe- in combination with sound bird deterrents or ultrasonic bird deterrents.
    • Two or more different kinds of devices, for example an ultrasonic bird repeller + holographic bird tapes, will produce synergistic effect –i.e., in combinations, the products will yield much greater effectiveness that the one alone.
  • Easy to install and economical.

Holographic Bird Tape - Recommended Methods of Application

If possible, before installing the Bird Tape, clean the area of all evidence of birds: fledglings, droppings... Because birds and their droppings can carry many diseases, use extreme caution when removing them. 

You can install the Bird Tape in any of these ways:

  1. Either wrap it around the crop in long lengths.
  2. Or cut into strips and hang vertically, so it can blow in the breeze.

Maintain a clean and changing environment. Periodically clean the area, relocate or reposition the bird tape; or remove it for a short time when birds have moved away.

Very effective
rating 10
We put it on a fig tree. For the first time it is us and not the birds that eat the figs
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