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Protect Your Solar Panels with BirdBlocker: The Ultimate Solution Against Bird Nests

When it comes to solar panels, efficiency and safety are paramount. However, bird nests under the panels can cause significant damage, from cable breakage to fire risk, affecting both the birds and the effectiveness of your solar system. This is where BirdBlocker comes in, an innovation designed to keep birds away from your panels in an environmentally friendly manner and ensuring that your solar panels perform at their maximum efficiency.

Below, we explain how to select the right BirdBlocker for your panels, considering our three key attributes: Model, Box Size, and Clip Preinstallation.

First, choose your Model: BB125 vs. BB200

The choice between BB125 and BB200 mainly depends on the type of roof and the height of the mounting system of your solar panels.

  • BB125: With needles 125 mm in length and a maximum cap height of 120 mm, this model is ideal for lower mounting systems and roofs with less space between the panel and the roof surface. Stability is ensured by a bridge that interconnects the needles, ideal for preventing access by small and medium-sized birds.
    • Needle length: 125 mm (the needles are interconnected with a bridge for greater stability)
    • Maximum cap height: 120 mm
    • BirdBlocker Strips: 50 cm wide
    • Material: Black HDPE resistant to UV rays and recyclable
    • Mounting clips: stainless steel
  • BB200: This model, with needles 200 mm in length and a maximum cap height of 195 mm, is designed for roofs with more space between the panel and the roof or for situations that require a higher barrier against larger birds. Like the BB125, it features a bridge between the needles for greater stability.
    • Needle length: 200 mm (the needles are interconnected with a bridge for greater stability)
    • Maximum cap height: 195 mm
    • BirdBlocker Strips: 50 cm wide
    • Material: Black HDPE resistant to UV rays and recyclable
    • Mounting clips: stainless steel

The right choice ensures that there is no space for birds to nest under your panels, maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your installation.

Next, choose the Box Size: 10 meters vs. 30 meters

We offer boxes of 10 and 30 meters to adapt to the size of your solar installation. It is vital to select a box size that not only covers the entire perimeter of your installation but also includes an additional 10% to ensure complete coverage without interruptions.

  • 10 meters: Perfect for smaller installations or for specific areas that require protection.
  • 30 meters: Ideal for larger installations, ensuring you have enough material to completely surround all your solar panels.

Finally, choose the Clip Preinstallation: With or Without Preinstalled Clips

To facilitate installation, we offer BirdBlocker both with preinstalled standard clips and without them. This option is designed to save time and simplify assembly, especially in adverse weather conditions.

  • Without preinstalled clips: You will receive the standard clips along with your BirdBlocker. This option is ideal if you prefer to install the clips yourself or if the conditions of your roof require specific customization of the clip placement.
  • With preinstalled clips: Opt for this version if you are looking for maximum convenience and significant time savings during installation. The preinstalled standard clips make assembly quick and efficient, ideal for large projects or for installers looking to optimize their time. Option only available for 30 meter boxes.


The choice of the right BirdBlocker is based on a clear understanding of your specific needs, from the type of roof and the size of your installation to the preference for installation convenience. By carefully selecting the model, the box size, and the clip preinstallation option, you ensure an effective and personalized solution to protect your solar panels against damage caused by bird nests, thus maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of your solar investment.

With BirdBlocker, you are choosing quality protection, designed to be as durable and efficient as your own solar panels. Secure the integrity of your solar system today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a complete and well-thought-out solution.

Why Choose BirdBlocker?

Proven Effectiveness

BirdBlocker not only prevents physical damage to the panels and fire risks but also contributes to harmonious coexistence between technology and nature. This system ensures that your solar panels maintain their maximum efficiency, free of obstructions and deteriorations caused by bird nests.

Adaptable to Every Need

With two models available, BB125 and BB200, BirdBlocker perfectly adjusts to different types of roofs and mounting configurations. Whether your installation requires the needle length of 125 mm or 200 mm, we have the ideal solution to protect your investment.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

Available in boxes of 30 and 10 meters, BirdBlocker is easy to install, ensuring complete coverage around your solar system. Additionally, we offer the option of preinstalling the clips on the strips for an even simpler installation, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Technical Specifications

  • Models BB125 and BB200: Designed to adapt to various heights and types of roofs, with needles interconnected by a bridge for greater stability.
  • Durable Material: Made of black HDPE, resistant to UV rays and 100% recyclable, ensuring a sustainable and long-lasting solution.
  • Mounting Clips: Stainless steel, included with each purchase to ensure a safe and hassle-free installation.

Directed to Everyone

From homeowners to solar energy professionals and large companies, BirdBlocker is the smart choice for any solar installation. Our commitment to quality, sustainable innovation, and respect for nature has made us a trusted brand worldwide.

Commitment to Quality and the Environment

With BirdBlocker, you benefit from a product with 10 years of warranty on the material, a design intended not to affect the warranty of your solar panels, and minimal visual impact. Our solution is not only effective but also environmentally friendly, offering durable protection without screws or drills.

Coming Soon

BirdBlocker is currently designed for sloped roofs. We are expanding our range to include solutions for flat roofs, floating systems, and field systems, ensuring that every solar panel configuration can benefit from the complete protection of BirdBlocker.

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