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StopGull Air - Seagull Repellent for Boats

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Seagull Repellent for Boats - StopGull Air & StopGull Air XL

The Seagull Repellent for Boats StopGull Air is a spinning visual bird deterrent used to prevent seagulls and other birds from landing on boats. It avoids unsightly messes and stains caused by bird feces.

Seagulls and other Seabirds often use boats to perch, leaving their droppings and creating a great mess. The Anti Seagull for Boats StopGull Air is designed to avoid these problems. If a seagull has been roosting on the boat, it is very important to clean the area of all evidence of birds: nests, droppings... Because birds and their droppings can carry many diseases, use extreme caution when removing them. 

  • The Seagull Repellent for Boats StopGull Air uses wind power. No electricity needed!
  • Spins continuously, preventing birds from landing on boats.
  • The Anti Seagull for Boats StopGull Air works with a light breeze, and can also withstand winds in excess of 60 mph in its fully extended state.
  • The Seagull Deterrent for Boats is now available in two sizes:
    • StopGull Air: covers an area of 1,85 meters in diameter.
    • StopGull Air XL: covers an area of 2,34 meters in diameter.
  • Easy to install.  The Seagull Repellent for Boats can either be folded or removed from its base.
  • With its improved swivel system and securing device, there is no need to remove and/or store the Anti Seagull for Boats after its installation.
  • The Seagull Repellent for Boats can be used in any type of boats: cabinadas boats, hardtop, inflatables, sailboats and professional vessels.
  • With its more than 8 different mounting options (see Accesories), it can be attached to any part of your boat.
  • Effective for large pest birds including: gulls, cormorants, pelicans...
  • Manufactured in Spain.

StopGull Air - Seagull Repellent for Boats - Technical Specs

  • Materials of the StopGull Air - Seagull Repellent for Boats:
    • Main rotor: Polyamide 6-6 -glass fibers UV-8.
    • Helms: Polyamide 6 -6 -UV-8.
    • Bars: Tube pultridode fiber reinforced glass resin vinistestery final treated bicomponent resin.
    • Caps: Anodized aluminum.
    • Mechanism rotor body: AISI 316 stainless steel, bronze.
    • Mechanism rudders: Stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 16cm.
    • Length: You can choose between:
      • StopGull Air: 185 cm.
      • StopGull Air XL: 234 cm.
  • Temperature resistance: -50º up to 150º
  • Fixing of the StopGull Air - Seagull Deterrent for Boats: With the available supports, Mechanical, by screw or adhesive industry.
rating 10
It works very well as a repeller.
Good product
rating 10
In my case, it works with the pigeons in the area where it's placed.
Simple and effective
rating 10
I like the ability for quick disassembly and folding of the mechanism. I recommend it.
Essential for removing seagulls
rating 10

Fantastic product that drives seagulls away.

It's very effective
rating 10
Good product and effective for pigeons.
rating 10
As a pigeon repeller, works perfectly.
rating 10
I have been surprised by the effectiveness of the product. It was enough to install one StopGull Air on the bimini to completely eliminate the problem of seagulls on the entire boat (6.5m). So much so that I have bought another StopGull Air for the tender.
It works very well to protect the port from seagulls.
rating 10
We made a purchase of ten Stopgull Air to scare seagulls away from the port of Roses. Since they worked well, we have expanded to six more units of the StopGull Air XL model. In the areas where we have installed them, the seagulls have gone away and now we want to protect new areas.
It is very effective! We are very satisfied with the product.
rating 10
Good morning, Thank you very much for your recommendation. We have installed 3 of these seagull repellers for boats, with the fins that move with the wind. It is very effective! We are very satisfied with the product. Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Andrés
rating 10
rating 10
solved the problem of crows on the boat - excellent
Very efficient : just need a little breeze.....
rating 10
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