StopGull TopMast

StopGull TopMast

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StopGull TopMast

StopGull Topmast is designed to prevent seagulls, cormorants and other shorebirds from perching on the top mast of your boat. It prevents birds from breaking or damaging the installed wind and navigation equipment. It also prevents bird droppings on the boat.

  • Really effective.
  • Environment-friendly.
    • No batteries needed. Use wind to turn.
    • Does not harm birds.
    • Does not generate any type of acoustic nuisance.
  • StopGull TopMast comes as a kit that includes everything necessary for mounting and fastening it to the top mast:
    • Two types of support for installation on the mast:
      • A base support: to install it on the upper base of the top mast.
      • A side support: if the installed wind equipment does not allow the StopGull TopMast to be installed on the upper base of the mast, a side support is supplied to be able to install it from the side.
    • 1 central rod - 88 cm long that is inserted into the base, and ends in an intermediate piece where the rotating rods are inserted. This intermediate piece can be graduated in height to avoid the wind equipment installed on the mast.
    • 10 rotating rods, made of high-strength fiberglass, that move with the wind:
      • 6 of these rods are longer: 55 cm long and must be installed 3 towards the stern and 3 towards the bow. Therefore, the StopGull TopMast measures from stern to bow 110 cm
      • 4 of these rods are shorter: 30 cm long and must be installed 2 to port and 2 to starboard. Therefore, the StopGull TopMast measures from port to starboard 60 cm.
  • StopGull TopMast weighs a total of 650 grams.
  • Box dimensions: 95 x 12 x 7 cm.
  • Great quality. Made in Spain

StopGull TopMast - Installation Instructions

  1. Install the base of the StopGull TopMast, using the rivets included with the product.
  2. Once the base is installed, place the bar inside the base, screwing it with the attached tool.
  3. Next, place the fiberglass bars inside the cavity of the intermediate piece. In the following way:
    • Of the 6 long rods: 3 go towards the bow and 3 towards the stern.
    • The remaining 4 rods should be placed from port to starboard.
    • Make sure that the rods when turning do not touch any elements in the top mast.
  4. This assembly must be placed at a minimum distance of 15 cm (5.90'') from the top of the highest element in the top mast.
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