Solar Trap Against Mosquitoes and Wasps

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Solar Trap Against Mosquitoes and Wasps - All in One

If you're looking for the ideal protection against mosquito bites and wasp stings, the Solar Trap Against Mosquitoes and Wasps is your definitive solution. This trap has been meticulously designed to provide you with dual protection: during the day against wasps and at night against mosquitoes.

Why Choose the Solar Trap Against Mosquitoes and Wasps?

  • Effectiveness during the day: The attractive liquid lures wasps with its sweet scent.
  • Effectiveness at night: A blue LED light automatically turns on at dusk, making the liquid glow in blue, attracting and trapping mosquitoes.

Main Features

  • Solar Panel and UV Light: The solar panel charges the trap's battery so that the ultraviolet LED activates during the night.
  • Versatile Application: It attracts insects through the smell of the bait liquid. Simply use water with vinegar and sugar, and add 2 to 3 drops of detergent. While wasps are drawn to this scent, bees won't be tempted due to the vinegar in the bait.
  • Specialized Design: Wasps have no chance of escaping once they enter, thanks to the trap's unique design.
  • Installation: The insect trap can be easily hung or installed. Just turn on the switch and it's ready to catch flies, mosquitoes, and wasps.

Technical Specifications

  • Entrance holes: 2
  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 11.7 cm
  • Power source: Solar
  • Special feature: Wall mount/Hanger
  • Target animals: Fruit fly, Mosquitoes, Wasps


Wasps and other flying insects are not just annoying, especially when they hover around cakes or meat on the terrace or balcony, but they also pose a threat. A wasp sting is not only painful, but can also be deadly for allergic individuals. Mosquito bites are bothersome and itchy. Make sure you enjoy your free time without insects with the Solar Trap Against Mosquitoes and Wasps.

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